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How to Build a Professional IT Resume

December 18, 2019

Building an IT resume in Fort Lauderdale, FL is no small task—but it’s crucial to your success as an interviewee and employee. Knowing how to handle your resume can make the difference between fielding interviews and waiting for the phone to ring. At Key Technical Resources, we specialize in placing skilled technical workers with a variety of companies, so we’ve seen the good, bad and ugly in IT resumes. Here are the three major parts of building the perfect resume to work in the IT field: Prepare thoroughly: Many people skip right over the preparation phase of building your resume,... View Article

Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

December 4, 2019

Having a job interview can be nerve-racking, but with some careful preparation, it doesn’t have to be. Ideally, your interview should be a pleasant back-and-forth between you and the potential employer—after all, you want to show them that you’re not only a great asset, but that you’re interested in what their company has to offer you. When you’re thinking of questions to ask an interviewer, you should approach it from the standpoint that you, too, are interviewing them. Ideally, the job should be a mutually beneficial fit between you and the potential employer, where you’re both getting something out of... View Article

Five Qualities of a Great Administrative Assistant

November 14, 2019

A great administrative assistant keeps you organized and makes your job easier. Hiring one that is less-than-qualified will make everything more difficult not only for you, but for everyone else in your organization. Technology demands new skills, and the qualities demanded of an administrative assistant have evolved with it. Here are five qualities of a great administrative assistant in Fort Lauderdale, FL: Multitasking ability: An administrative assistant has multiple balls in the air. While studies show that all humans do best when focusing on one task at a time, there are moments where one task must be interrupted for another.... View Article

Five Tips for Writing a Finance Resume

October 31, 2019

Whether you’ve worked in the finance industry for years or are just starting out, job searching requires a good first impression. This means updating resumes often, and also fine tuning them for the latest resume scanning technology. Finance resume writing tips in Fort Lauderdale, FL from three years ago are already outdated. Here are five tips for fixing your resume now: Use numbers: If you are looking for a position in the finance sector, numbers speak louder than words. Rather than saying you “saved the company’s overhead costs,” say you “reduced overhead costs by 10 percent.” The same is true... View Article

Positive Traits in a Sales Rep in Fort Lauderdale, FL

October 17, 2019

Some people are born to sell—and some struggle to make their way to the top of their game. It’s a job that demands certain traits to be successful, and if you’re not naturally born with the ability, you might struggle to improve. With this in mind, if you’re an employer looking to hire the perfect sales representative, it behooves you to understand the top qualities of a successful sales rep in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Individual styles may vary, but you’ll find that these traits are consistent: They stay composed: Above all, you want a sales rep who has the ability... View Article

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