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The Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

November 21, 2022

You constantly think of new ways to improve operations as a business owner. One effective way you can do that is by using a staffing agency. The following discusses the benefits of hiring a staffing agency and whether it’s worth it. The Benefits of Hiring a Staffing Agency Countless benefits come when you hire a staffing agency to send you employees. These are some of the most prevalent: HR Saves Time The staffing agency is responsible for screening the prospective workers, interviewing them, and selecting them according to the guideline you set when you agree to do business with the agency.... View Article

Why a Cover Letter Matters

November 21, 2022

Do I need a cover letter? You should definitely consider adding a cover letter to every job application you submit, and there are several reasons for this. Many jobs actually require the submission of a cover letter alongside your application. But that is not the only reason. Continue reading to find out more about why you should include a cover letter. Reasons to Include a Cover Letter Are cover letters necessary? The truth is, cover letters actually demonstrate that you put in additional effort to stand out among other candidates that are applying for the same position as you. This... View Article

Why Is a Good Resume Important?

October 26, 2022

Your resume is often the first, and sometimes only, contact that a potential employer will have with you. It is so important to have a good resume and to take the time to write a good one so your potential employer moves you on to the next hiring step. Though it might not seem like a huge deal, your resume can be the deciding factor in giving you a callback and passing you over for another candidate. Knowing the importance of a good resume is critical.  Why Is a Good Resume Important? Your resume is one of the first points... View Article

Confused About Your Career Path?

October 26, 2022

If you’ve worked several types of jobs, you might wonder, "What should I do if I’m unsure about my career path?" First, don’t be too harsh on yourself for not having a clear-cut career path plan. Not everyone does, as some people can legitimately fit into several fields. These are some steps you should take so that you can choose the most fruitful option: 1. Think about what you enjoy the most.  It’s not unusual for you to be confused about your career path if you never had any guidance. You can still choose a path, no matter what age... View Article

Should I Use A Staffing Agency?

September 27, 2022

The job-hunting process can be challenging and very stressful. You may have to submit hundreds of resumes and applications to get a response or an invitation to interview. Even if you feel discouraged, you should not give up. You want to consider getting professional help, and this is where a staffing agency steps in to help you find an ideal position. According to the American Staffing Association, almost 90% of companies in the United States use staffing agencies to find employees. Therefore, you have a good chance to find a job if you decide to contact one of them.  Here... View Article

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