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Why So Many Companies Are Working with Staffing Agencies During the Coronavirus Pandemic

November 6, 2020

Adding a new employee to your business can be a complicated, expensive and time-consuming process, and more so than ever in the midst of a pandemic that has resulted in some drastic changes to how many companies operate. When the margins are slimmer than ever before due to pandemic losses and restrictions, a misfire with a new employee decision could be disastrous and cost your business a significant amount of time and money. This is why so many Fort Lauderdale, FL companies have reached out to reliable employment agencies for assistance in their hiring practices during the pandemic. They realize... View Article

Here’s Why IT Jobs Are in High Demand and How You Can Take Advantage of It

October 14, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is still prevalent in the United States, and will be for some time. It has cost millions of Americans their jobs and continues to cause shutdowns. Companies must adapt to a modified normal, thus creating a positive effect in the IT sector. Even in the midst of skyrocketing unemployment rates, the virus has increased opportunities for tech experts. Information technology staffing companies in Fort Lauderdale, FL have many clients looking for developers and IT engineers to help transition to an all-virtual mode of working. The pandemic is going to stick around for a while, so new tech... View Article

Common Reasons Why Companies Are Using an Executive Recruiter in 2020

September 30, 2020

When it comes to hiring a new employee in Fort Lauderdale, FL, many companies hand the reins over to their HR department. But doing so without advice from a quality executive recruiter can lead you straight into common pitfalls. Below are just some of the reasons why a recruiter is the best investment you’ll make this year. Save time and energy It’s time consuming to sift through hundreds of job applications. One person from your company’s HR department could take weeks to uncover the perfect candidate. If you wait that long, the candidate probably will have already accepted an offer... View Article

What Do Employee Staffing Agencies Want to See in Me?

September 14, 2020

Local staffing companies in Fort Lauderdale, FL are a great way to connect with top employers and make sure your resume lands on top of the pile—but before you can start interviewing for your dream job, you need to impress the staffing agency. Decades of experience interviewing job candidates and matching them with positions has highlighted a few key qualities in successful job seekers. Here’s what will make you stand out among the crowd: Reliable: The most important quality you can have is reliability—since you reflect on the staffing agency, they want to make sure they’re working with someone who... View Article

Tips to Prepare for Your Interview with a Staffing Agency

August 31, 2020

Reliable staffing agencies in Fort Lauderdale, FL are a great way to get work on both a temporary and full-time basis. They act as a middleman between companies and employees, which makes it easier for them to find the right kind of talent with less effort up front. In order to make sure you’re the type of candidate they can place, most staffing agencies will interview you before matching you with potential companies. Taking the staffing interview seriously is not only a good way to get placed with a great company, but it’s also an opportunity to practice your interview... View Article

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