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The Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

November 21, 2022

You constantly think of new ways to improve operations as a business owner. One effective way you can do that is by using a staffing agency. The following discusses the benefits of hiring a staffing agency and whether it’s worth it. The Benefits of Hiring a Staffing Agency Countless benefits come when you hire a staffing agency to send you employees. These are some of the most prevalent: HR Saves Time The staffing agency is responsible for screening the prospective workers, interviewing them, and selecting them according to the guideline you set when you agree to do business with the agency.... View Article

Should I Use A Staffing Agency?

September 27, 2022

The job-hunting process can be challenging and very stressful. You may have to submit hundreds of resumes and applications to get a response or an invitation to interview. Even if you feel discouraged, you should not give up. You want to consider getting professional help, and this is where a staffing agency steps in to help you find an ideal position. According to the American Staffing Association, almost 90% of companies in the United States use staffing agencies to find employees. Therefore, you have a good chance to find a job if you decide to contact one of them.  Here... View Article

Types of Staffing Services And Staffing Agencies

July 22, 2022

In the human resource industry, different types of staffing agencies have been operating in the market over the years. Unfortunately, most human resource managers don’t seem to have sufficient information about these experts. That’s why it has been a challenge for the companies looking for employees to get the right staff to work in their organizations. Here are the different types of staffing agencies and their services. 1. Contingency Employment Agencies As a human resource manager, you need to know about contingency employment agencies if you’re looking for a quick fix to your staffing needs. These agencies are also known... View Article

Hiring and Recruitment Trends To Expect in 2022

June 22, 2022

Hiring and recruiting are constantly evolving, and keeping up with the latest trends is essential for any company that wants to stay ahead of the curve. So, what can we expect in 2022? Here are a few hiring and recruiting 2022 trends to keep an eye on: 1. Social Media Recruiters already use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to reach out to potential candidates. In fact, according to a recent study, 92% of recruiters use social media for recruiting purposes. This trend is only going to continue in 2022. 2. War for Talent Will Intensify The competition for... View Article

How Do Staffing Agencies Work?

May 26, 2022

As you’ve already realized, a simple staffing agency FAQ may not help you understand how such organizations have been operating. This is an issue of concern that affects the majority of employers and various individuals seeking employment opportunities. Here are some facts about staffing agencies you should understand. 1. Employers Communicate With Staffing Agencies When an organization has a high staff turnover or needs more employees than usual, they’ll contact staffing agencies. The agency will then use its resources to find candidates that are the best match for the open positions. The agency will also send over a select number of... View Article

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