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Why Is a Good Resume Important?

October 26, 2022

Your resume is often the first, and sometimes only, contact that a potential employer will have with you. It is so important to have a good resume and to take the time to write a good one so your potential employer moves you on to the next hiring step. Though it might not seem like a huge deal, your resume can be the deciding factor in giving you a callback and passing you over for another candidate. Knowing the importance of a good resume is critical. 

Why Is a Good Resume Important?

Your resume is one of the first points of contact that an employer is going to have with you. They see your resume before they ever even try to contact you for further interviews or decide if you are qualified for the job. Your resume serves as an introduction to you as a working individual. It helps the employer or recruiter determine if they want to contact you further and if they want to offer you the job outright or offer you a chance to come in and interview.

Your resume should contain a few important pieces of information. First, it should briefly introduce your education, your skills, why you are applying for the job, and your employment history to a certain extent. Think of it as priming the pump. It will be an introduction to you so that the employer can then decide if they want to extend the invitation to have an interview or if you are not someone they want to get to know better.

What To Include When Writing a Good Resume

You need to include contact information first so that the person you are applying with can get in touch with you. You also need to include your education level and any special degrees or certificates you might have that apply to that position.

You then need to include any pertinent skills you might have as they apply to the job. It is also important to include your work history to let your potential employer know what positions you have held and what your work ethic is like. These are just a few technical things you need to add.

You can also add a bit of your personality, like adding a mission statement, adding what you think you might bring to the job, and more. Your resume is a reflection of you and is often what helps you get your foot in the door for that interview that might end up helping you land the job.

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