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How Do Staffing Agencies Work?

May 26, 2022

As you’ve already realized, a simple staffing agency FAQ may not help you understand how such organizations have been operating. This is an issue of concern that affects the majority of employers and various individuals seeking employment opportunities. Here are some facts about staffing agencies you should understand.

1. Employers Communicate With Staffing Agencies

When an organization has a high staff turnover or needs more employees than usual, they’ll contact staffing agencies. The agency will then use its resources to find candidates that are the best match for the open positions. The agency will also send over a select number of resumes to the employer for review. The employer will interview the candidates and decide on who to hire.

2. A Staffing Agency Creates Job Descriptions

The second and most important thing that a staffing agency does is create an accurate job description. The employer will provide the agency with a brief overview of the position, and the agency will create a more detailed explanation. This includes specifying the duties, requirements, and qualifications needed. The agency will also list any necessary training or experience required. A good job description is essential to finding the right candidate.

3. Contacting Prospective Candidates

Once the job description is complete, the staffing agency will begin contacting prospective candidates. First, the agency will use its database of potential candidates, job boards, and other online resources to find qualified individuals. The agency will then contact these individuals and invite them to interview for the position. This is a critical step in the process, as it allows the agency to screen candidates and find the best possible match for the job.

4. Both Agency and Employer Conduct Interviews

The staffing agency will conduct initial interviews with candidates to better understand their qualifications and experience. The agency will then forward a select number of candidates to the employer for final interviews. Once the employer has interviewed the candidates, they will decide and offer the position to the selected individual. This means that both the hiring agency and the employer are involved in the interviewing process.

5. The Offer and Acceptance

Once the employer has decided, the staffing agency will extend an offer to the candidate on behalf of the employer. If the candidate accepts the offer, they will sign a contract with the employer and begin working. The agency will then be paid a fee for its services. The offer and acceptance are the final steps in the process. Remember, the agency is only paid if a candidate is hired.


Staffing agencies play a vital role in the hiring process. They help employers find qualified candidates and provide a detailed job description. They also conduct initial interviews and extend offers on behalf of the employer. If you’re seeking employment, it’s important to understand how staffing agencies work. Working with a staffing company will give you a better chance of landing the right job.

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