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How To Improve Your Resume

May 26, 2022

The job market has changed considerably over the past few years, which has made landing a job much more difficult. These days, applicants need a stellar resume instead of an above-average one, and that’s only half the battle. Thus, you might find yourself asking, “How can I improve my resume?” if you’re having a difficult time finding work. These are some tips for improving your resume to increase your chances of getting an interview:

Use Highly Relevant Keywords

It would be best to assume that software sifts through the resumes in this technological age. Therefore, you need to treat your resume the same way you’d treat an article or blog. You can do that by tailoring a list of keywords relevant to the job you desire. Weave those keywords into the resume methodically so that the application looks solid and not like spam.

Proofread and Format the Document

Potential employers downsize their applicant lists by finding reasons not to continue candidates in the process. That means something as simple as a spelling or grammatical mistake can knock you out of the race fast. Do yourself a favor and run your document through a spell-checking program and grammar tool to ensure it has amazing quality.

Add a Cover Letter

You might be a person who usually skips the cover letter, but it’s not wise to do that. If you don’t differentiate yourself from other candidates, the employer may view you as a number. Adding a cover letter can help. Write a formal greeting and detail your most exceptional qualities. Tell the prospective employer why they should pick you over hundreds of other available applicants and tell them why you want the job.

Keep Your Experience Recent

A long work history should be worth considering, but it isn’t for many employers. Some of them only want to read about what you’ve done over the past three years. As such, telling them you held a relevant job 10 years ago probably won’t impress them. Focus on something you did two to three years ago and tell them why you’re fantastic at that.

Use Attractive Formatting and Styling

You’ll also need to make sure your resume stands out with styling and formatting. Don’t go too far and use inappropriate colors or fonts, but make them appealing to the eye. Don’t be afraid to use bold lettering and increase your font size a little for readability. You can choose from thousands of resume templates if you want to spice up your forms. A cutting-edge design might be what causes an interviewer to request a meeting with you. Alternatively, you can go with something formal if you think the company will respect the old-school styling. Be creative and strategic with your approach.

Use the above-mentioned advice for resume help and increase your chance of landing an interview. You might also want to research interview tips so that you can make yourself irresistible to a potential future employer in the meeting.

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