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What Types of Jobs Can I Find Through a Staffing Agency?

March 11, 2022

Staffing agencies exist to help businesses find ideal candidates for their openings and to help job-seekers get paired with businesses that will help them achieve their career goals.

If you have been wondering how you can benefit from using a staffing agency for jobs and openings or what types of openings you’re most likely to find through working with an agency, you can generally expect openings to be placed in the following categories: temporary work, temp-to-hire and direct hire.

These types of jobs come in a wide range of industries. Just about any type of business can benefit from using a staffing agency, so no matter what field you’re looking at breaking into, using a staffing agency for career hunting can be beneficial.

Here’s a quick look at each of these categories of job openings and how staffing agencies are well equipped to assist in filling them.

Temporary work

Staffing agencies frequently help companies fill temporary positions that have defined start and end dates. They might be project-based jobs, labor positions for warehouses or jobsites, machine-operator positions located inside factories and manufacturing facilities, representatives at call centers, contract-based work for landscaping or construction and various general administrative and clerical positions.

There is often a misconception that staffing agencies are only used for temporary work, and while it is true that temporary positions make up a lot of what staffing agencies handle, this is definitely not the only type of position they deal with.


A temp-to-hire position is a job that has an arrangement that will allow the worker to transition from a temporary assignment to a permanent position with the company. The purpose of this arrangement is to give the company a bit of a trial with the employee to gauge their ability level and how well they fit within the company.

The most common types of temp-to-hire positions you’ll find with staffing agencies include forklift operators, delivery drivers, manufacturing workers, hospitality professionals, call center and sales representatives, various types of installation specialists and some administrative work.

Direct hire

A direct hire position is what you’ll probably first think of when you think about finding a new job. In this setup, staffing agencies help employers fill immediate, full-time openings for employees. The agency operates as the employer’s recruiter, taking on tasks such as headhunting, screening and even hiring (in some cases) candidates for permanent positions.

Some examples of jobs that are commonly filled with the assistance of staffing agencies include accountants, marketing specialists, quality control specialists, legal staff (such as paralegals and legal assistants) and a variety of other roles in office environments.

Are you interested in learning more about staffing agency benefits and why it behooves you to work with an agency, whether as a job-seeker or as a business owner looking for new team members? Reach out to the experts at Key Technical Resources, Inc. with any questions you have about the work conducted by staffing agencies, and we will be pleased to provide you with additional information.

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