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How Hiring and Recruitment Will Change in 2021

June 4, 2021

Looking for a job in 2021? You wouldn’t be the only one. After 2020’s mass layoffs and major economic uncertainty, millions of Americans are hunting for new employment. Although the worst of the pandemic seems to be over, and more than half of American adults are now vaccinated, the hiring landscape looks a lot different than it used to. Read on to learn what to expect from information technology and marketing staffing in North Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Going digital

The biggest recruitment and work change from 2020 has to be the increased emphasis on remote work and digital tools. Industries that still largely operated in the dark ages, like the legal profession, saw a major sea change last year. Suddenly, the way things were always done was no longer feasible—so more companies embraced remote work, digital meetings, electronic communications and more.

Now that focus on remote and digital tools has made its way into the hiring process. Companies have discovered that they’re no longer limited to local workers—in fact, things are just as profitable, if not more so, when employees are allowed to work remotely. That means employers can cast a wider (even global) net to find the best talent for the job. They can also headquarter themselves in less expensive states, which is why Silicon Valley is seeing a mass tech exodus.

Working hard to eliminate bias

Numerous studies have shown that, when left to humans, our biases and perceptions can screen out perfectly qualified candidates. Thanks to AI, hiring managers can rely on software to help identify the most qualified people, without fear of bias. Some programs even have features to ensure that your interviews are standardized, using the same questions and information to talk to applicants.

Another benefit to eliminating bias through AI: the hiring process is streamlined, so by the time the software sifts through resumes and cover letters, the hiring manager’s job is significantly less onerous.

Making sure required skills and education match the job description

When you’re job hunting, it’s common to see postings where even entry level positions require years of experience and advanced degrees. The pandemic has changed all of that—now employers are more focused on the core skills and education that workers truly need. Because there’s such an emphasis on remote work these days, employers can look for what really matters in a larger pool of applicants.

Emphasizing personal connections

Finally, there’s more of a personal touch these days. Since AI hiring software and remote work capability helps remove repetitive tasks, hiring managers now have more time to forge personal connections with prospective employees. The better a recruiter or interviewer can get to know a candidate, the more likely they’ll be able to find someone who is perfectly suited for the work, the company culture and other important fit considerations.

When you need information technology and marketing staffing in North Fort Lauderdale, FL, reach out to Key Technical Resources, Inc. Let us help you find the perfect employees!

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