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What Are the Top Staffing Issues Facing Organizations Today?

April 30, 2021

It’s never easy to find the right candidates for open positions in a company, and the uncertainty of the pandemic has made things even more difficult. There are some key areas that can be more difficult than others, and that’s where it makes sense to focus the time and energy required in staffing.

Here are some things a Fort Lauderdale staffing company will focus on to make sure to find the right candidates for the job.

Fighting lost productivity

With employee turnover comes a drop-off in production. It takes time to train new employees and bring them up to speed on a project, and that can result in less productivity for the whole team. This is especially true when looking to fill skilled labor positions that require existing training or certifications.

The process of staffing an open position takes energy and time—and can also result in lost productivity. Who has time to post a job, sift through resumes, handle interviews and negotiate terms in addition to completing a regular workload? It may be a good idea to hire a Fort Lauderdale staffing company to help with this process.

Need for qualified labor right away

Sometimes a company will lose an important team member unexpectedly, and sometimes a company will get a large contract and need to expand in a hurry. In both instances, there is a need to find qualified labor in a hurry. That’s where staffing companies can help.

Instead of putting a project or expansion plans on hold to wade through a list of candidates, it may be a good idea to let a qualified staffing firm handle those duties. That way, your company can focus on spending more time on doing what it does best.

Tax and payroll

Handling taxes, payroll and other administrative duties can be burdensome, especially for a small business. Staffing companies can and do help with this, however. When a business uses a staffing company, oftentimes the staffing company will cover costs like workers compensation, medical insurance, PTO and vacation pay, FICA, FUTA and SUTA, as well as the various administrative costs associated with recruitment and onboarding.

Workforce flexibility

Sometimes a business needs more employees, and sometimes a business needs fewer employees. The problem with this is that if a business hires too many full-time employees during the boom times, it will still need to pay these employees when times are lean.

One way to alleviate this problem is by hiring temporary workers for the boom times. This allows a business to retain a core group of full-time employees without having to worry about having too many employees on staff if business slows down.

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced Fort Lauderdale staffing company to assist with identifying candidates for IT, accounting and finance positions at your business, reach out to Key Technical Resources, Inc. today. With experience in staffing since 1999, we’re your best choice for both temporary and permanent staffing needs. We look forward to working with you soon.

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