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A Look Into the Job of a Staffing Recruiter

April 20, 2021

A job search can be a tiring endeavor in Fort Lauderdale, FL. No matter what type of industry you want to work in, there’s plenty of competition. Submitting application after application is a time-consuming process, and it also takes a toll on your self-esteem. Working with a staffing recruiter is a great way to take this stressful process off your plate so you can earn a living and gain experience as you search for permanent employment. Here’s what staffing recruiters do and how they can help during a job search.

What do recruiters do?

A recruiter typically works at a staffing agency, matching qualified candidates with jobs that match their background, skills and career goals. While many of the positions they can match you with are temporary, they can potentially lead to permanent employment with the same company, depending on the needs of the company, your performance and your happiness with the job. A staffing recruiter maintains relationships with multiple companies, and the recruiter is always on the lookout for a winning candidate who would fulfill their needs.

How do they match candidates with jobs?

There are many qualified job seekers in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Staffing recruiters take on the difficult task of weeding through a sea of applications and resumes to find the perfect fit for the companies they serve. A company will typically provide recruiters with a set of qualifications they’d like to see in a potential employee, whether it’s a college degree in a certain major, specific skills or even personality types. The recruiter will find a match based on the criteria, making sure that the potential employee will be ready to hit the ground running on their first day at the job.

What types of industries use staffing recruiters?

You’ll find recruiters working for companies in all types of industries. From the healthcare sector to industrial and manufacturing, a staffing recruiter can help nearly every job seeker. They also work with employees of all skill levels. Whether you’re just starting out in a trade or you have years of experience under your belt, a competent recruiter can find the right position for nearly every type of background.

How do staffing recruiters make a living?

A job as a staffing recruiter can be a lucrative one. Staffing recruiters are directly invested in the success of both the companies they represent and the employees they send to them. In other words, the money they make depends upon the success rate of their job placements. When staffing recruiters are experts at what they do, it benefits all involved parties.

The services of a skilled staffing recruiter can greatly improve the results of a job search in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They’re a valuable resource for matching qualified candidates with open positions that align with their capabilities and their career goals. Whether you own a business and need some good employees for temporary work or you’re a temporary job seeker yourself, contact Key Technical Resources, Inc. today to learn more about the recruiting process and how it can help you.

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