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Writing Effective Job Descriptions

February 16, 2021

Getting the right job applicants starts with writing an effective job description. It’s not just a matter of writing down the job title, the job duties and the necessary qualifications: there’s an art to making sure you present a compelling position without accidentally turning off qualified applicants. Here’s a basic guide to writing a job description that attracts the candidates you need in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


Here are the key points you’ll want to include in your description:

  • Job title: The job title is the first thing an applicant sees, so make sure it’s clear and to-the-point without using cutesy language like “ninja,” “unicorn,” “guru” and “rock star.” Not only are those terms unclear and obnoxious, but studies have shown that they immediately turn women applicants off. Many “creative” job titles strike women as indicative of a “bro” culture. You could lose your most qualified applicants before they even read the description. Use industry standard language to avoid this problem.
  • Job overview: This should be a one- to four-sentence description of the job. Try to answer the question, “How does this job solve a problem, contribute to society and support the company?”
  • Focus on job contributions: We’ve all seen job listings primarily composed of lists with daily tasks and desired qualifications—but they’re not particularly compelling. Instead, use no more than five to seven bullets for the key job duties, then focus on how the job helps the company. For example, office managers support the company by keeping administrative projects on track, acting as the first point of contact for clients and ensuring general operations run smoothly. How can you develop your job description so it focuses on growth and company-wide development?
  • Create a sense of urgency: Even if you’re in no hurry to hire, getting applicants to apply is easier when you give specific deadlines and start dates.
  • Carefully cultivate a culture fit: Company culture is also important. Take the time to describe the benefits of working at your company, which will help the applicant decide if they’re a good fit. If you have weekly happy hours, for example, say so—that will help job seekers determine whether they’re a good fit for a place that encourages socializing outside work hours.

Other considerations

Here are a few ways to ensure your posting is likely to reach and appeal to applicants and encourage them to apply for the position:

  • Avoid discriminatory language: Like the job title point, the language we use can indicate what we (and by extension, the company) value. Use neutral language that doesn’t inadvertently prioritize one gender, sexual orientation, religion, race or class over another.
  • Ask current employees to weigh in: Have your current employees (especially the people who are already doing the job advertised) review the posting to make sure it’s accurate and compelling.
  • Proofread before publishing: Finally, remember that applicants are judging you just as much as you will judge them. Carefully scrutinize your posting before publishing—look for typos, spelling and grammar errors that detract from your message.

Writing an effective job description in Fort Lauderdale, FL helps attract great candidates, and Key Technical Resources, Inc. can help with the rest. Call today to discuss your staffing needs.

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