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The Fastest-Growing Job Fields to Watch in 2021!

January 8, 2021

It’s a brand-new year, and there is nothing but promise on the horizon. Now is the time to seize the moment and take steps toward a new career that inspires you while covering your expenses. You can increase the odds of finding gainful employment by enlisting the help of the best Fort Lauderdale staffing agencies and looking for a job in one of these fast-growing fields.


If you’ve got a feel for numbers, then working as a statistician could prove to be the perfect career. This field is responsible for absorbing and interpreting extensive collections of data for organizations as diverse as the federal government and private laboratories.

Information security analyst

The best Fort Lauderdale staffing agencies often search for bright IT security specialists. It seems that every industry is gravitating toward some kind of online presence. As the world becomes more reliant on tech, so too are criminals drawn to exploiting that same technology. Defend your clients’ interests, whether they’re a small startup or an established firm.

Software developer

New strides in technology require a new array of software to power them. That’s where a software developer comes in. Write and test a variety of programs across an equally diverse variety of industries. When you’re working as a software developer, the only limit is your imagination.

Mental health counselor

With each passing year, society puts more emphasis on the importance of mental health. That’s good news for two reasons. First, it’s never a bad idea to get professional assistance with substance abuse or behavioral problems. Second, those interested in helping and empowering others will find ample opportunity to do so.

Quality assurance analyst

Do you like to ensure that everything in your world is just right? You might be perfect as a quality assurance specialist. These attentive professionals are responsible for making sure a wide variety of products meets the standards of companies, regulatory agencies and consumers.

Film and video editor

Every year, more and more people pick up a camera and take to the streets to make the perfect movie or TV show. When they finish, they’ll end up with hours and hours of rough footage that will need refinement before it’s comprehensible. Enter the editor—you can make money working with everything from movies to commercials.

Find your dream job

The team at Key Technical Resources, Inc. established the company with one goal in mind: to become one of the best Fort Lauderdale staffing agencies. Twenty years and a number awards later, we proudly claim that accomplishment.

When you hunt for your dream job, our skilled, courteous team can make the task much easier. Looking for work in IT, accounting, finance, sales, marketing and more? You can count on us to provide experienced assistance. We’re dedicated to finding the right jobs for our clients that are in line with their goals. Contact us today to find out how Key Technical Resources, Inc. can guide you to a world of exciting possibilities. We can’t wait to meet you.

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