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Not Sure What You Want to Do? Here Are Some Tips

December 16, 2020

If you’ve recently re-entered the job market, or have been searching for a while now, there are surely some interview questions that give you more trouble than others. Some people just have trouble talking about themselves, while others aren’t great at discussing their skills or accomplishments. That said, one specific question we see trip up many applicants is when they’re asked about where they see themselves in the future. Fortunately, the best staffing agencies in Fort Lauderdale, FL can easily coach candidates through these challenging questions from hiring managers.

Give a number of options

A lot of people don’t have a single definitive long-term career goal, especially in the modern economy. Things can change so often that people are switching not just jobs but career paths on a regular basis these days. That said, it’s perfectly okay for you to offer up a few options about where you see yourself—perhaps you see yourself being promoted up the ranks, or maybe you see yourself eventually transitioning into another part of the company. The caveat to remember here is that if you state a career goal that doesn’t jibe with the company’s industry or culture, you could reduce your chances of being hired, so opting for several paths instead could work in your favor.

Focus on the company

Some of the best staffing agencies in Fort Lauderdale, FL encourage applicants to praise the company in question whenever possible (within reason, of course—you don’t need to grovel!). If the “future” question gives you pause, something you can always say is that you’re looking forward to working for and growing with a company that values certain characteristics. At that point, you can draw on your research of the interviewer’s organization and offer specificity that demonstrates your thoroughness and your familiarity with the company.

Be honest and share what excites you!

This one works well particularly if you’re new to the workforce. You might be early enough in your career that you don’t yet have definitive objectives in mind, and that’s completely fine. The important thing is that you’re open and honest with your interviewer. Not only will they appreciate your candor, but they’ll be more likely to gravitate toward a candidate with such a zeal for their passions.

The thing to remember here is to craft an answer that doesn’t take you out of the running due to a perceived lack of interest in the role in question. If you want to eventually be an accountant but are applying for an admin job, make sure you craft a narrative about how you’re looking forward to gaining experience in the administrative position before making your key transition down the road.

The best staffing agencies in Fort Lauderdale, FL know how to help prepare candidates for their next big job. Oftentimes this includes helping them through some of the questions that give them trouble—our team at Key Technical Resources, Inc. can provide the advice top applicants need in order to succeed in interviews. We help people find their next dream job in everything from operations to finance and accounting—call us today to learn more!

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