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What Do Employee Staffing Agencies Want to See in Me?

September 14, 2020

Local staffing companies in Fort Lauderdale, FL are a great way to connect with top employers and make sure your resume lands on top of the pile—but before you can start interviewing for your dream job, you need to impress the staffing agency.

Decades of experience interviewing job candidates and matching them with positions has highlighted a few key qualities in successful job seekers. Here’s what will make you stand out among the crowd:

  • Reliable: The most important quality you can have is reliability—since you reflect on the staffing agency, they want to make sure they’re working with someone who will take the opportunity seriously, show up on time and treat the interviewers with respect. No amount of talent can make up for someone who is flaky or unpleasant to work with.
  • Would make a good impression on clients: Similarly, you need to make a good impression on clients. Make sure you know the most conservative standard for your particular industry, and dress for the interview accordingly. Good impressions also include politeness, attentiveness and punctuality.
  • Ambitious: Are you ready to take the next step in your career, or are you just looking for a job to pay the bills? There’s no wrong answer as far as life philosophy, but companies—and staffing agencies—respect candidates who have demonstrated ambition in their previous jobs. Whether you rise in the ranks quickly or focus on educational opportunities, showing initiative is key.
  • Eager to learn: No one comes to a job knowing everything. Demonstrating an eagerness to learn more makes you a safe bet as a candidate—employers will appreciate being able to train you for their procedures and standards.
  • A good listener: Part of being eager to learn is being a good listener—you can’t learn if you’re not willing to hear what others have to say. Polish your active listening skills to demonstrate this in your interview.
  • Ready to take action: Given a choice between a passive or an active employee, with all other qualities being equal, employers will choose the more motivated candidate. Think about how you can demonstrate your history of taking action at your previous jobs.
  • Self-directed: Being self-directed goes hand in hand with being action-oriented—are you the type of employee who notices something needs to be done and does it without being asked? That’s a valuable trait in any candidate.
  • Team-oriented: No person is an island, especially not when you’re working on a team. Demonstrating that you can work both independently and with others will make you stand out amongst other candidates.
  • Has a great attitude: Finally, don’t underestimate the power of a positive attitude. Negative attitudes and commentary bring morale and productivity down. When you’re working on a team, it’s especially important to boost others and approach everything with a can-do spirit.

Key Technical Resources, Inc. is Fort Lauderdale, FL’s favorite local technical staffing company. Call us today to find out how we can help with your job search and connect you with the ideal position.

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