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How to Handle Working from Home

May 27, 2020

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many people who are used to going in to the office for work have found themselves working from home. This transition can be difficult, and establishing a new routine and finding success while working from home is important.

Follow these tips to get the most out of working from home in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Take care of yourself first

Make sure you are taking care of yourself. Create a designated workspace, so you can leave work “at work” after it is done and transition to home life. Protect your time by setting the same hours you would if you were physically in the office. Throughout the day, take breaks by moving to an area away from your workspace to stretch, take a walk or eat lunch or a snack. You will feel more refreshed, allowing you to be more productive, if you move regularly throughout the day.

Make your workspace work for you

Make sure the space works best for the job you are doing. First, get appropriate office furniture, especially a chair with back support. A standing desk is also a good option for long hours in front of the computer. Try to keep a plain or professional background behind you and stay away from backlighting with a window or lamp. If there is noise inside your house, try adding a white noise machine to reduce the distractions, and use a hands-free headset during long calls. Finally, make sure the space is protected by keeping the door closed or posting a “do not disturb” sign when necessary.

Communication is key

Since you are not seeing your colleagues every day, make sure you stay in communication with them. If you are a manager, make sure your team knows the best way to reach you, and help your team understand any new communication or productivity expectations while working from home. If there is more flexibility now while working at home, make sure that is clear and encourage your team to take care of themselves while working. Finally, make sure everyone is aware of any progress that is made on projects and try to resolve issues with phone calls rather than via text or email to avoid confusion.

Boost morale and keep up normalcy

Working from home makes people miss interacting with their colleagues in person. Try to mimic this by keeping up with casual conversations throughout the week. Schedule a team meeting that is just focused on catching up on personal or funny items, or keep a messaging system group chat where people can send funny GIFs, articles or personal tidbits to keep morale high.

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