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How to Conduct a Successful Video Interview

May 11, 2020

Conducting a job interview by video is an experience that is rapidly becoming more and more common in our increasingly digital world. Couple that with the uncertainty of today’s environment, and you can bet that remote interviewing techniques will only see an uptick in the months and years to come.

Interviewing over a video stream brings with it a lot of the same tips and advice as interviewing in person, but there are some key differences that you want to keep in mind and prepare for. As a job seeker, you should be prepared for this type of pivot, so brushing up on some video interview tips in Fort Lauderdale, FL like the ones below can help inform your interviewing experience. Reach out to Key Technical Resources, Inc. to learn more.

Look to the positives

One advantage of a video interview is that, while it’s not quite the same as an in-person interview, it’s preferable in many instances to a phone interview. You still have the opportunity to impress your interviewer with some of the unconscious gestures that we all make—things like body language and facial cues are still a vital part of the interviewing experience. These are of course invisible on the phone, so use these variables to your advantage. You want to make sure you’re making steady eye contact and using inviting body language so your interviewer can sense your level of engagement.

Do the prep work

There is nothing more embarrassing and nerve-racking during a video interview than technical issues. Garbled audio or a spotty video connection can ruin the whole experience and potentially result in a lost opportunity for you in a worst-case scenario. One of the best video interview tips in Fort Lauderdale, FL that we can give you is to test all of your technology ahead of time and be ready for any emergencies. Call a friend or family member using the same device you’ll use during the interview and ask them how you look and sound. Additionally, if you know that your wi-fi is stronger or weaker in some areas of your home, or that the lighting is much better near certain windows, then plan ahead for that and be ready to conduct your interview accordingly.

Pay attention to body language

As mentioned above, body language can be a key part of these processes, so video interview tips in Fort Lauderdale, FL should always include the advice to be aware of your body language. Minor shifts in your chair that you might not even notice in person can be amplified on video calls, so be aware of this and talk it over with your friend during the test call we recommended above.

Our team has years of interviewing experience, and in recent years we’ve seen more and more client requesting video interviews with candidates. This is an unsurprising evolution of the field, but we want all of our job seekers to be prepared for a contingency that they might not have been ready for initially. As with anything in the job-seeking market, doing research and proper legwork ahead of time is going to be key to success in an interview. Contact Key Technical Resources, Inc. to learn more about how our staffing agency can help your company find the perfect candidate for any open IT position!

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