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Tips for Nailing Your Next Phone Interview

April 10, 2020

Phone interviews pose unique challenges and opportunities. For success during this type of interview, you need the right approach. Use the following phone interview tips in Fort Lauderdale, FL to land your next job:

  • Gather your resources: Before the call, make sure you have several things handy. Print a copy of your resume so you can quickly and easily reference that information during the interview. Additionally, create a checklist of your qualifications that make you a great fit for that specific job. You should also have a pen and paper ready to take notes.
  • Remove distractions: Turn off phone notifications so your call is not interrupted by social media alerts, email notices, call waiting or anything else that might cause a distraction during your call. Remove any other in-person distractions as well, such as pets and children, and turn off the television and radio. If possible, go to a room where you can close the door to minimize noise.
  • Use proper phone etiquette: Avoid using first names unless you’ve been instructed to do so—start with Mr., Dr., etc. Do not eat, drink, chew gum or smoke during the conversation. The only exception to this rule is that you should keep a glass of water nearby in case you start to cough or your mouth gets dry during the call. Lastly, never interrupt the interviewer.
  • Smile: Remember, the interviewer can’t see you, but a smile changes your tone and can be sensed even over the phone. Smiling will help project a positive attitude and leave a better impression of your personality and abilities.
  • Communicate clearly: Communication can be more difficult over the phone than in person. Enunciate carefully and listen closely. Ask clarifying questions if you are unsure what the interviewer is asking. When you respond, speak slowly and clearly. Don’t be afraid to pause for a beat or two before responding to gather your thoughts and provide a clear answer.
  • Keep it short: Another great phone interview tip in Fort Lauderdale, FL is to keep your responses concise. Stay focused on the topic. Don’t try to address more than the question is asking for.
  • Prepare your own questions: Most phone interviews will conclude with an opportunity for you to ask the interviewer any questions you have. Prepare a few questions in advance. If others come up during the call, you can write these down on your notepad to discuss at the end, if appropriate. Do some research about the company ahead of time to include intelligent questions about their operations and how you can contribute to the organization.

Get more tips

For more phone interview tips in Fort Lauderdale, FL, reach out to the experts at Key Technical Resources, Inc. Locally owned and operated, we are the go-to staffing resource in the area. We provide staff augmentation for companies that have projects with specific IT needs, and we outsource to support centers with our technical specialists. Call today to learn more about phone interviews, employee placement opportunities and how we can meet your company’s staffing needs.

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