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Tips for Dealing with Rejection While Job Hunting

January 8, 2020

Searching for a new job can be tough. With such a large pool of applicants and only one or two positions available, you’re likely to hear “no”—or not hear back at all—more than you’ll be called in to interview or given an offer. When this happens again and again, it can start to take its toll and make you feel like finding a job is a hopeless endeavor.

Job-hunting rejection from employers in Fort Lauderdale, FL doesn’t have to be all bad, though. There are ways you can take your experience and turn it into something positive and even help you reach your goal of employment. If you’re experiencing job hunting rejection, don’t give up! Use these tips to handle rejection more easily:

  • Don’t take it personally: One of the most important things to remember after being rejected from a job is that the application process and rejection aren’t personal. Your skills may not have been quite right for the position, or perhaps you were actually overqualified. Don’t take rejection as a detraction from your professional skills or experience, but rather just a sign of a poor fit.
  • Review your application process: Review the application and all your submitted materials, including your resume, cover letter and project portfolio. Did you miss any skills or experience when applying? Did your submitted materials skip over some information or have problems? Make sure your materials are updated and fit well with the next position and continue tweaking them as you apply for different jobs to make them fit as well as possible.
  • Rethink and remind yourself of your strengths: After being rejected multiple times, it’s easy to begin thinking that you’re unqualified and lack the skills necessary for the jobs you want, which can lead to a spiral of self-doubt. Take time to reflect on your professional experience and skills and remind yourself of how they are applicable to your desired position. Then, add any skills you thought of that might be missing on your resume.
  • Ask for feedback: After the interview or during a follow-up, it doesn’t hurt to ask the interviewer for some constructive feedback about your application or interview. They might not always provide some, but if they do, you can use that information to adjust your applications moving forward and learn something new about the job-hunting process.
  • Broaden your horizons: When you have your heart set on one job or a particular type of position and continue getting rejected, you’ll probably begin to feel bad about yourself. Consider broadening your horizons, focusing on multiple opportunities or even thinking about other positions or industries that your skills would be useful in, so that you’re less disappointed if you don’t get hired right away.

Getting rejected from a job is difficult, and it can take time to get back on your feet and start job hunting again. If you’re tired of job-hunting rejection and aren’t sure where to turn, Key Technical Resources in Fort Lauderdale, FL can help!

As a technical support staffing agency, we place qualified temporary or permanent employees in IT, finance, accounting, sales, marketing and administration positions. Contact us today to learn more about our process and to submit your application so we can find a position that’s right for you.

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