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Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

December 4, 2019

Having a job interview can be nerve-racking, but with some careful preparation, it doesn’t have to be. Ideally, your interview should be a pleasant back-and-forth between you and the potential employer—after all, you want to show them that you’re not only a great asset, but that you’re interested in what their company has to offer you.

When you’re thinking of questions to ask an interviewer, you should approach it from the standpoint that you, too, are interviewing them. Ideally, the job should be a mutually beneficial fit between you and the potential employer, where you’re both getting something out of your working relationship. We’ve put together a few starting points for you when you’re designing your own interview questions—and if you need help with determining what questions you should ask during an interview in Fort Lauderdale, FL, be sure to turn to the experts at Key Technical Resources:

  • What would my daily responsibilities look like? Obviously, when you’re going into a job, you need to know what the job responsibilities will entail. This question will help you get a better idea of what your duties might be, and if they fit your idea of what kind of position you’re looking for.
  • What are the company’s values, and how would my position support them? Knowing what a company values can help you tailor your answers, but it also helps you understand how each part of the business functions, and what your supporting role could be.
  • What do you enjoy about working at the company? Pay close attention to this answer, because it can give you insight into how the interviewer feels about their job.
  • How does the company measure success in terms of my position? This question will help you get an idea of the expectations for your position.
  • Are there opportunities for advancement? No one wants a dead-end job, so you need to know if there will be promotion opportunities.
  • Who would be my supervisor or mentor? Getting a sense of who you’d work most closely with will allow you to tailor the rest of your questions—as well as your post-interview thank-you notes.
  • What’s the hardest part of this job? This can be eye-opening. Depending on what the interviewer says, it could make or break your decision to work with the company. You need to understand the full scope of your duties.
  • What about my qualifications makes you think that I could (or might not) be right for this position? Finally, let the employer have a chance to tell you why you could be the right fit—as well as where they have reservations, so you can address them.

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