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How to Build a Professional IT Resume

December 18, 2019

Building an IT resume in Fort Lauderdale, FL is no small task—but it’s crucial to your success as an interviewee and employee. Knowing how to handle your resume can make the difference between fielding interviews and waiting for the phone to ring. At Key Technical Resources, we specialize in placing skilled technical workers with a variety of companies, so we’ve seen the good, bad and ugly in IT resumes. Here are the three major parts of building the perfect resume to work in the IT field:

  • Prepare thoroughly: Many people skip right over the preparation phase of building your resume, but it’s a crucial part of the process. More than just listing your qualifications, your resume prep should include researching not only the position you’re applying for, but also the company, its history and why you are the best person for the job. Yes, when you’re applying for multiple jobs, this can be time-consuming and tedious, but the payoff will be worth it. Be sure to list all important IT qualifications and certifications, as well as explaining any gaps in employment.
  • Develop your resume: Writing a good resume is an art. Rather than listing your job history step by step, you should use this opportunity to highlight your extraordinary skills and qualifications. Since you’ve already prepared to write your resume, you’ll know which parts of your job history to highlight. Keep your descriptions concise, and remove unnecessary information so that your applicable skills and certifications stand out. If you can add keywords from the job posting, that will help your resume stand out among the crowd. Use a simple, professional format that hiring managers will find easy to read.
  • Review and proofread: Finally, you need to make sure that your resume is as polished as possible before you send it out. How many times have you sent an email, only to discover too late that there’s a glaring or embarrassing typo? Have a friend read your resume over to ensure there are no typos, misused words or otherwise questionable language. Double-check that your language is professional and your contact information is correct. A great tip is to read the entire document out loud—it will help you catch errors that your brain glosses over.

Using these three key steps, you’re sure to find the IT job of your dreams.

Get help building an IT resume in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Key Technical Resources specializes in matching qualified candidates with information technology jobs. We perform in-depth analyses of each candidate’s resume, as well as comprehensive skill verifications, to ensure that only the most qualified candidates are placed with our clients. Each of our candidates is vetted through an in-person interview process. In addition to filling IT roles, we are capable of finding candidates suitable for positions in marketing, sales, finance, accounting and general management. If you’re looking for an IT job, call us today to find out how we can help you land your dream position. If your company is hiring, let us partner with you to find the ideal candidate!

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