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Five Tips for Writing a Finance Resume

October 31, 2019

Whether you’ve worked in the finance industry for years or are just starting out, job searching requires a good first impression. This means updating resumes often, and also fine tuning them for the latest resume scanning technology. Finance resume writing tips in Fort Lauderdale, FL from three years ago are already outdated. Here are five tips for fixing your resume now:

  • Use numbers: If you are looking for a position in the finance sector, numbers speak louder than words. Rather than saying you “saved the company’s overhead costs,” say you “reduced overhead costs by 10 percent.” The same is true with other processes and time—“reduced closing times” is not nearly as persuasive as “reduced closing times by three days.” Quantifying your accomplishments makes them much more solid than using vague references.
  • Introduce yourself: We know you want to skip straight into your skills, background and accomplishments, but may resumes are scanned, not read. An introductory statement or resume profile will get you noticed much easier. Start your resume with an introduction or summary statement that explains in three sentences or less why you are perfect for the job. This gives an overview of the value you can offer the employer.
  • Do not forget your certifications: The software certification you earned in a one-day class may seem minor, but it can mean a good deal to the right company. Do not merely dismiss these efforts—list them on your resume. This is especially important if that skill or software package experience is mentioned in the job listing. The fact that you took the time to learn that software or earn the certification will place you ahead of other applicants.
  • Make a skill list: Software experience, skills and even customer support are all demanded in this industry. If you were good at explaining line items in email, mention that. Also list all the software you used and your level of expertise. Even if you did not earn a certificate, classes and training opportunities still count as skills. Job searching is not a time to underestimate your skills and experience. There is a good chance that your background and skills will matter to someone, no matter how insignificant they appear to you.
  • Describe previous employers: When giving your employment background, share vital statistics. Describe whether the company was public or private, its net worth and the number of people it employed. Explain your department and your duties on the financial end. If this is the first time you are pursuing a financial job, mention duties that involve numbers and attention to detail. That background will help you make a transition into the financial sector.

Once you have your resume done, consider finding a partner to help you in your job search. Key Technical Resources can provide additional finance resume writing tips in Fort Lauderdale, FL to help you find that ideal job. We specialize in connecting the right people with the right positions and companies. Apply today to get started and see the opportunities available to you.

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