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What to Look for in a Potential Marketing Manager

September 18, 2019

Every business needs marketing, whether you realize it or not. Even without a marketing manager, your company is already marketing itself, just without any direction, strategy or oversight. Check your Facebook page or Yelp reviews. Those user posts are directly affected by whether or not you’ve hired a marketing manager to handle this along with communicating your brand and mission to your target audience. Looking for marketing staffing in Fort Lauderdale, FL, such as hiring a marketing manager, entails identifying some key traits in applicants.


An applicant hungry for a marketing management position will demonstrate an ability to identify problems and create solutions. For example, if an applicant comes to an interview with a few suggestions to improve your website clickthrough rates, that shows you this person is already considering cost-effective ways to improve your bottom line.


A marketing undergraduate degree is great, but the field is an ever-changing one that demands continuing education. Top marketing candidates have certifications that show they are keeping up with the latest trends, strategies and methods for testing and measurement. They should also show a familiarity with the best tools, platforms and techniques. If you’re speaking to an applicant who doesn’t seem intellectually curious, you should move on to the next resume.


Do a Google search for businesses like yours—there are hundreds of them. A worthwhile marketing manager will find new ways to differentiate your company from competitors, engage new leads and nurture existing clients. Marketing professionals have to think outside of the box for every channel, whether it’s for telemarketing or a social media campaign.

Proven track record

A potential marketing manager has worked on dozens of campaigns, from direct mail to SEO, which all yield results. Someone applying for this role should be able to provide examples with real numbers of how successful their practices have been for previous employers. Their references should confirm that the applicant performs their duties well or potentially better than expected.

A broader understanding

Marketing stretches far beyond brochures, emails and search engine ads. A marketing manager must be familiar with the best and correct methods of operating in these spaces. It might seem harmless to send promotional emails to people who didn’t directly sign up for these communications, but this could actually lead to serious legal ramifications for your business. Yes, a marketing manager should be creative but also have a firm grip on the realities of the work.


Marketing is all about communication. A potential candidate for a marketing manager position will follow up, quickly respond to messages and highly prioritize quick and accurate communication. A marketing manager must be able to communicate with everyone effectively, from executives to clients, and from subordinates to the public.

Finding marketing professionals is not easy, as so many people will think they are the right fit for the marketing manager position. For 20 years, Key Technical Resources has placed diverse, highly-qualified applicants in permanent and temporary positions at companies throughout the community. Businesses rely on us for help with marketing staffing in Fort Lauderdale, FL because we have a strong track record and a keen eye for the types of candidates our clients are seeking. Get in touch to learn how we can help you!

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