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Four Key Strategies to Overcome the Talent Shortage in 2019

June 28, 2019

It’s an issue everywhere—businesses are struggling to recruit the talent they need for successful operations. Quality candidates are snapped up in an instant, and companies are left shorthanded. How can you cope with this talent shortage and keep your business moving forward? Your staffing agency in Fort Lauderdale, FL is here to help.

Start with these four strategies. Implementing these effective tactics will put you ahead of the game and help you get the talent you need for success. For assistance with putting these steps into action and growing your business, contact your employment agency in Fort Lauderdale, FL:

  • Supply: Start by supplying your recruiting team with appropriate tools to find talent in today’s competitive marketplace. Use data-driven analysis tools to identify appropriate candidates. This will improve placement and retention and reduce wasted efforts. High-level reporting features are available to provide data-driven information. This can guide the creation of scoring mechanisms for candidates and simplify the recruiter’s search process. This use of technology can save time and effort by streamlining the entire process and guiding you to the best candidates.
  • Trim: Offload tasks from your recruiter’s daily to-do list. By trimming their activities, you can help them target the most important task: filling your vacancies. Assign basic screening activities to others or use data technology resources to perform these tasks. Make sure your recruiters aren’t bogged down with activities that detract from your ultimate goals. Keep them focused on connecting with high-level professionals, relationship building, interview prep and the negotiation of offers.
  • Outsource: As part of the trimming process, outsource any tedious manual tasks that could be sucking time from your recruiter’s day. Top candidates are not available for long, so recruiters must devote their time to finding them quickly. They can’t do this when their days are consumed by other duties. Outsource any low-level tasks that you can so you can free up recruiters for more crucial activities that will produce the results you need. Recruitment automation platforms offer a good solution.
  • Partner: To effectively find top talent, partner with a staffing agency in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Even with the most focused recruitment team, you likely don’t have access to the same resources as an employment agency in Fort Lauderdale, FL. By partnering with an agency, you extend your reach and expand your horizons. Your efforts to recruit the best candidates for your business are multiplied exponentially. You’ll save time, money and effort as the agency completes the legwork necessary to bring in quality recruits.

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