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What to Look for in Candidates for Finance and Accounting Staffing in Fort Lauderdale, FL

September 6, 2018

You’re in search of quality candidates for financing and accounting staffing in Fort Lauderdale, FL—how can you know if you’ve found them? What traits set good candidates apart from the competition?

To enhance your payroll with top-level staff, look for the following characteristics. Accounting staffing in Fort Lauderdale, FL that exhibits these qualities will be best equipped to lead your business down the path to success:

  • Technical skills:
    Each role has its own requirements when it comes to technical proficiencies. What software will your staff need to know or learn? Look for those who are adept at picking up new technical skills. They should be comfortable with data entry and basic bookkeeping software. For higher-level positions, be sure the candidate is capable of working with more complex programs.
  • Versatile skills:
    Accounting staff in Fort Lauderdale, FL must work in a variety of settings. Employees must be comfortable working on their own as well as collaborating with a team. Look for those who are good independent workers but who are also ready to contribute to group efforts. They should be able to transition seamlessly between these two types of roles.
  • Certified skills:
    Find out what professional certifications the candidate holds. How much training have they completed? Candidates who have passed courses and earned professional titles have proven they are serious about their career pursuits and are willing to put in the time and effort to develop their skills. Their title also demonstrates they have acquired a certain level of knowledge of the field.
  • Professional skills:
    Your accounting staff in Fort Lauderdale, FL represents your business. Look for candidates who offer consistent professional presentation. Consider whether or not this is someone you want interacting with clients on behalf of your company. Do they offer a professional appearance, tone and demeanor in all situations? If not, you probably want to look for another candidate.
  • Communication skills:
    Written and verbal communications skills are essential. Choose candidates who exhibit the ability to share ideas, receive feedback, take instruction, ask necessary questions and present information in a clear and concise manner. This will prove invaluable for interactions with supervisors as well as customers.
  • Problem-solving skills:
    You want accounting staffing in Fort Lauderdale, FL who are good problem solvers. Find candidates who are analytical and can take a problem apart to find the best solution. They must also have the initiative to move forward with the implementation of that solution. You don’t want candidates who get stuck at every challenge and have to be guided through every step.

Find Quality Financing and Accounting Staffing in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Where can you find candidates who possess these qualities? In today’s marketplace, it can be difficult to sort through all the potential hires to find the cream of the crop. To bring the best accounting staffing in Fort Lauderdale, FL to your team, contact the pros at Key Technical Resources. We place quality temporary or permanent employees at your company to help meet your business needs. Reach out to us today to find reliable accounting staffing in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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