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Staffing Solutions for Key IT Staff

Are you the person in charge of finding IT talent for your firm? Key Technical Resources knows how to reach candidates who have hard-to-find skill sets and the unique industry experience you need. We are proud to serve companies and candidates nationwide.

Technical Staffing is Our Specialty

Successful information technology staffing requires a technical fluency not found in most general recruitment firms. Dedication to keeping pace with the ever-changing IT industry is a must. Key Technical Resources sets itself apart by specializing in IT industry staffing. Our professional staffing managers make personnel placement recommendations to corporate clients based on meticulous candidate screening and a thorough understanding of the requirements of the open IT position. For those seeking IT positions, we offer carefully researched opportunities and career support. We make it our business to match professional talent to short or long term IT staffing goals.


A true search for a high-impact candidate can take 100-160 hours. Do you have that kind of time to devote to a search? 

Key Technical Resources will save you both time and money by:

  • Utilizing our extensive database with thousands of highly skilled professionals, many who are not actively on the job market today but may be open to better opportunities.
  • Pre-qualifying and thoroughly screening candidates to ensure both a mutual interest and the right fit for your position.
  • Managing the candidates throughout the hiring process to keep their availability and interest high. We rarely have candidates turn down job offers!
  • Offering a money-back guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your hiring decision as well as our services.


Key Technical Resources is uniquely qualified to help you with your complete information technology needs, from multiple platform integration to the CIO level. We will:

  • Assess the organizational structure
  • Develop a position description that includes responsibilities and organizational challenges
  • Establish skill priorities based on your needs

Areas of Focus Include:

  • Information Technology
    • CIO/VP/CTO
    • IS Management
    • Application Development
    • Database Management
    • Software Engineering
    • Systems Administration
    • Internet Development
    • Help Desk & Support
    • Network Engineering
    • Systems Architecture
  • Finance & Accounting
    • CFO/VP
    • Financial Managers/Analysts
    • Accounting Managers
    • Cost Accountants
    • Auditors
    • CPA's
  • Sales & Marketing
    • Health care Professionals
    • Account Managers
    • Software Products
  • Operations/General Management
    • Warehouse Managers
    • Logistics Managers
    • Manufacturing Managers

Drawing upon our extensive database of highly skilled professionals, as well as utilizing candidate sourcing and networking techniques, Key Technical can quickly locate the right resources. Our sophisticated qualification process includes:

  • Search & Identification
  • Comprehensive Interview
  • Thorough Reference Checks
  • In-depth Skills Verification




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KEY TECHNICAL RESOURCES, INC. is a full-service specialty-staffing firm providing direct-hire and flexible stafffing solutions for both large corporations and small organizations.