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Key Technical Resources offers a variety of staffing solutions to better meet the needs of our clients.  These services are designed to help you more efficiently and effectively locate the right professional talent for all your short-term and long-term staffing needs.

Direct Hire (permanent)

Key Technical Resources works closely with each client to develop a company profile and detailed job description for full-time, direct hire staffing needs.  Because our executives truly know professional talent, they are well equipped to do a thorough search and screen for the best candidates.  In fact, we are so confident of our skill in helping to find the correct match for your position, we offer a guarantee on all candidates (ask to see our fee agreement for additional details).

Contract to Hire

Assignments that begin as contract and lead to permanent positions are considered “Contract To Hire”.  This type of assignment is ideal for both candidates and clients alike who want a “trial period” before making a long-term commitment.  This arrangement allows everyone involved to be certain each has made the best career choice.

Temporary Staffing

For companies that are looking to maintain an efficient workforce, temporary staffing is an ideal solution.  Temporary candidates are available for projects, peak periods, seasonal employment and to fill in for current employees who may be out for an extended period of time.  For the most part, these positions are short in duration and typically fall into the technical support and help desk work environments.

Contract Only

For assignments lasting six months or longer, or when additional resources with specialized skill sets are required to help a client complete a project, utilizing contract resources may work best.

Flexible Staffing

You may be surprised to find the wide variety of IT staffing solutions we can offer your company. For companies that want to maintain a lean workforce and utilize talent on an as-needed basis, Key Technical Resources’ flexible staffing option is ideal. You'll have access to talent on a project basis, for peak periods, or to fill in for employees on vacation or other extended absences.  For the most part, positions are short term and in traditional work environments.  Hiring a Key Technical Resources candidate is often a cost-saving option for companies with seasonal employees, part-time employees or independent contractors.  Key Technical Resources takes care of employee benefits and other human resource tasks, as well as tracking employee productivity. 

 Our job is to recruit the best people and have them ready when you call.

We are dedicated to provide thorough, responsive service and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide experienced help for just about any IT work requirements. A combination of quality, people, processes, and technology provides Key Technical Resources with the work force management solutions that improve efficiencies. This results in significant cost savings by automating current processes, and reducing the time and effort to fill a request for a contingent worker. 

Today's managers know the benefits of temporary staffing. The "temporary" advantage helps them accomplish performance goals within a specific budget and time frame. These managers know that a flexible workforce makes the flow of business less costly - and more productive.

Whether your needs are for a day, a week, a month, or longer - we have a qualified pool of temporary talent ready to respond to your call. The impact of a continually changing economy on the available labor pool demands that effective staffing companies deploy a diverse recruitment strategy.

Other Services

  • Confidential interview facility
  • Resume collection and analysis
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