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I give KEY TECHNICAL RESOURCES the right to contact and obtain information from references, employers, educational institutions and to otherwise verify the accuracy of information contained in this application. I consent and understand that some clients may require a criminal background investigation, drug and alcohol testing, and /or credit check. I release from liability KEY TECHNICAL RESOURCES and its representatives for seeking, gathering and using such information and all other person, corporation or organizations for furnishing such information.

I understand and consent that if a client company ultimately hires me through the efforts of KEY TECHNICAL RESOURCES, I will allow a copy of my employee file to be transferred to the client company from KEY TECHNICAL RESOURCES. This may include, but is not limited to, employment application, reference checks, criminal background results, drug test results and any other information that KEY TECHNICAL RESOURCES has gathered for my employee file.

I understand that KEY TECHNICAL RESOURCES receives a fee from the client offices for the personnel services it provided. I agree that I will notify KEY TECHNICAL RESOURCES of an offer or discussion regarding potential employment made to me within one year of my interview through KEY TECHNICAL RESOURCES.

By submitting the information, I have read and agree to the above and hereby certify that the facts I have provided in my employment application are true and complete.





Key Technical Resources, Inc.
5763 N. Andrews Way
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

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KEY TECHNICAL RESOURCES, INC. 5763 N. Andrews Way - Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
(954) 771-1554 Phone · (954) 771-7553 Fax · 1-800-475-5581 Toll Free

KEY TECHNICAL RESOURCES, INC. is a full-service specialty-staffing firm providing direct-hire and flexible stafffing solutions for both large corporations and small organizations.